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  • Ana Luiza's strong links to cookery and the use of Brazilian ingredients was inherited from her grandmothers (from Minas Gerais and Ceara states) and her childhood in the interior of São Paulo state. Already as a child she wondered why, on special occasions, Brazilian dishes were nowhere to be found on the menu.

    With this in mind and convinced that her destiny lay close to pots and pans, she set off to Italy, armed with a degree in business administration. There she studied at prestigious institutions such as the Istituto per la Promozione delle Cultura Alimentare in Milan and the Costigliole d´Asti, in Piedmont, and finally a stint as kitchen apprentice at the Beccofino restaurant, in Florence.

    Returning to Brazil in 2003, she started researching different ingredients and recipes that make up Brazilian gastronomy, as well as their importance in local culture. This project turned into a veritable culinary adventure to all corners of the country. Convinced of the enormous potential of Brazilian cookery, she opened Brasil a gosto restaurant in 2006, to promote and inspire others with her love of the country's foods.

    Ana Luiza still travels periodically in search of new recipes and ingredients for the special regional menus which she creates every three months at the restaurant.

    • Veja São Paulo Comer e Beber magazine 2011/2012 Award;

    • Best Restaurant, category Brazilian food, Época São Paulo magazine, 2011;

    • Best Restaurant, category, Época São Paulo magazine, 2010;

    • Go Where Award 2010 - Best Brazilian food;

    • Guia 4 rodas magazine 2010 - Best Brazilian food;

    • First National Contest of Decoration and Environment - Gourmet & Food Service magazine - 2009;

    • Guia 4 Rodas magazine, 2009 - Best Brazilian food;

    • Guia 4 Rodas magazine 2007 - Distinction in Kitchen Quality;

    • Guia 4 Rodas magazine 2007 - Revelation Chef;

    • Veja São Paulo Comer & Beber magazine 2007 - Best Restaurant, category Brazilian food;

    • 31º Abril Award in Journalism 2006 - Special participation in Gastronomy Saberes do Brasil;

    • Veja São Paulo Comer & Beber magazine 2006 - Best restaurant, category Brazilian food;

    • Brazilian Cooking 2006 - Gula Award for Brazilian Cooking, second place.



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  • In 2003, chef Ana Luiza Trajano traveled throughout Brazil, visiting 20 different states, to research the country's culinary art and its relation to local habits and culture. This project, named Tastes of Brazil, inspired the creation of the restaurant Brasil a gosto , plus a book and documentary of the same name.

    Ana Luiza's travels revealed a hidden wealth of ingredients, recipes, utensils and practices in the country's cookery. Each trip started with visits to local markets, to check out regional produce and investigate its history and form of cultivation. This was followed by visits to local farms (or conversations with fishermen in coastal regions), and principally, observation of local cooks, who shared valuable secrets on the details of their work.

    Closely observing each bubbling pot and every movement of a wooden spoon, the chef discovered a Brazilian gastronomy much richer than usually imagined, a creative mix of elements that allows no single definition.

  • An integral part of the Tastes of Brazil project, Ana Luiza Trajano's book Brasil a gosto is a treasure trove of poetry, text and photographs, a result of her traveling partnership with photographer Alexandre Schneider.

    The book pictures Brazilian gastronomy and its relation to features such as local folklore, handicrafts, stories and myths. For its outstanding quality, the book received the 2003 best photography prize from the prestigious Gourmand World CookBook Awards.


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  • Located in a quiet street in the Jardins region of São Paulo, Brasil a Gosto restaurant is at the center of chef Ana Luiza Trajano's project of researching and promoting Brazilian culture and gastronomy.

    The building's architecture, signed by Leiko Motomura, reflects the restaurant's commitment to sustainability in a modern and charming setting, which includes natural lighting and an indoor garden. The soft colors of the interior walls enhance bright and colorful details, such as the curtains and table tops.

  • Since prehistoric times, the art of pottery has been linked to the preparation of food. Resistant to fire, ceramic ware allowed mankind to expand ways of preparing food. Nowadays, ceramic objects are used in restaurants as a complement to the chef's work, as they maintain the temperature of food and drinks and add to the beauty of the dish.

    At Brasil a gosto, rounded shapes of ceramic jars, cups and plates are inspired in organic forms, such as gourds, pumpkins, baskets, beans, and coconuts.


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  • Brasil a gosto
    R. Professor Azevedo Amaral, 70 | Jardins
    São Paulo - SP

    For reservations, private or for larger events,
    ring (11) 3086-3565

    New opening hours:
    Tuesday to Thursday: 7pm to 12am
    Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 17pm and 19pm to 00am
    Sunday: 12pm to 17pm

  • Brasil a gosto
    R. Professor Azevedo Amaral, 70 | Jardins
    Sao Paulo - SP
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